04 February 2012

child labour

I've waited 11 years for times like this.

child labor

The kids didn't know what great things were in store for them today.


Behind all those treasures,
lies the single largest heaviest piece of junk I have.

1928 ford model AA truck frame

This has been lugged around for 7 maybe 8 years.

During the move from Ventura,
Luke "piGPen" Brown and I somehow moved this on and off the trailer.
It was ridiculous.

Extremely heavy and almost 14 feet long,
there was no way the kids and I were going to move it without injury.

top secret project

I can't believe it's taken this long to torch it up.
Way more manageable.
Looking at these pics,
I hope the cuts were in the correct location!

Stay tuned for the top secret "is this infected?" project.


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