29 February 2012

slingin at the Big 3

So yeah the Chocolate and Cheese Roadster,
and a huge pile of parts,
 made it to the Big 3

slingin at the Big 3 swap meet

My parts disappeared almost too quickly.
I even reloaded the van Saturday night to bring more stuff.
Making a little extra dough was cool,
but it was also nice to lose some weight and clutter.

There was a constant desire to walk around and start replacing junk,
but I kept it to a minimum.
Saturday evening I walked around scouting for deals,
than noted them in the droid phone,
then late Sunday went back to hunt them back down,
hopefully cheaper than the asking price.

1929 headlight bar
1940 ford dash

My big ticket item was the 40 ford dash.
They always come in handy and this one was perfect,
not too nice to cut up.
The '29 headlight bar opened up a chance meeting with an old timer
named Frank Young,
who I'll talk about later.

flathead head gaskets
old gas can
aluminum shift knob

There's the old aluminum MG shift knob,
now need to find another.
I also scrounged up some new flathead head gaskets,
pennies on the dollar.
The gas can was a score,
good for diesel which is a good degreaser.


After a big last minute sale,
I went and grabbed some model kits for the kids.
These things are tough to find at shops,
probably cause swappers are buying them to flip!

That was it!
There were alot of things I really wanted to get,
but just don't need.
Is this me talking?

There was a bunch of cool stuff out there.
Here's a couple things that the camera caught.

bitchin go kart

I could imagine the kids tearing up the neighborhood in this.

1939/1940 coupe project

This appeared to be a solid start to a 40 coupe.
Not sure if it sold I don't remember seeing it sunday.

1939 ford 4-door sedan

To me this was the sweetheart of the show.
A 70's version of a '39 ford sedan.
I loved it.

1939 ford dash

Get a load of that blue and green shag carpet,
and that black diamond tuck and roll door panel.
Holey Chit.
The perfect family hot rod.

hayabusa mini

This old mini cooper had a turbo hayabusa engine wedged in.
hayabusa mini cooper

This was no hack job.
Very cleanly done.

ford pinto

Who could resist a 1970's pinto!
Some crazy designing back then.

356 porsche

This seemed a bit pricey but it was really solid.
Perfect for that Outlaw style.

1955 chevy truck

This '55 chevy had a great stance and patina.

ultimate swap cart

The award for "someone with too much time on their hands"
goes to Chingon fabrication.
Love the aluminum skills.

chevy DONK

This was the only DONK representative.

1930 coupe body

Some of us came away unscathed by the temptation of the deal,
but a good friend went in hook, line and sinker.
Mike got the hot rod bug and bit the bullet with this sweet 30 coupe body.
It's a perfect addition to his garage!

There was so much more there,
but I wasn't as camera happy as I usually am.
And piles of parts don't look as cool on the screen.

Looking forward to next year!


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