07 February 2012

muffin top

Strange things happen when the full moon's out.

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After a win on one project,
and a light disappointment in another,
I was about to call it a day,
or an early night anyway.
Than I sat in the 40.


Okay let's do a quick backstory.
A couple months ago,
I had been contemplating options about the dash.

crusty 1940 ford dash

The original dash came with the basketcase project,
and the design is one of my favorites.
It looks good in the pic but it's alot crustier in person.

I had to try something new so I pounded out a quick panel one night,
and since November it had been tossed around the shop.
Last week,
I found it while cleaning,
and decided to tack it in,
and see if the design would grow on me.

test panel

It's not too original.
basically a copy of the top part of a 40 dash.

I kinda liked it.


Okay let's do an early song.
Here's to the full moon.

One of the best versions of this GD cover.

Grateful Dead - Werewolves of London - july 8, 1978

I'm used to the crispy soundboard version,
but these matrix (audience + sbd recording) sound like a real party.

So last night.
It's about 9:30,
I'm winding down,
and took a seat in the 40,
stared at the dash gap,
and had an idea.

dash template

Using a bit of 1932 ford dash shape,
and the sizing of a 1936 ford speedo,
did some cardboard cutting.
not bad.
The next step was to make a rough wood hammer buck,
and fortunately a friend Cop Mike came by,
stopping that train of thought.

professional hammer form

Good thing cause I'd have never finished.
Who needs a buck when there's a 2x4 and a vice.

dash panel

This only took 2 songs to make.
Which doesn't mean anything when it's that 21 minute lonesome.
Jerry Garcia Band - Lonesome & A Long Way From Home (1 of 2) - 04/03/76 - YouTube
(thanks chip)
I'm one of those guys that will listen to the same song over and over.
Yeah it's crazy.
I kept on thinking, okay, just one more time, 20 more minutes...
2 hours later...
The "sweet spot" of 11pm - 2am has returned!

muffin top

It took a long time to fit that thing in.
I'm kinda past that point of the
"let's see if it will grow on me" stage.
Almost immediately I nicknamed it the "muffin top" dash.

custom 40 ford dash

With some finish work, some gauges, a dash insert and paint,
I think it will work.


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