11 February 2012

Let the games begin...

The best auto-related swap meet in so-cal, The Big 3,
is coming up at the end of this month.
A couple weeks ago I had the great idea to throw some stuff together,
maybe clear some clutter and possibly make some extra dough in the process.
Regardless if it sells,
it's the perfect excuse to make a roller.

cut up model AA ford frame

With the deadline coming up quick,
2 weeks,
I had to get my ass in gear.

Last week the kids help start it up by digging out the old AA frame.
perich brothers (and sister): child labour

frame rails

Sadly my carbon footprint shot up torching off all the crossmembers and brackets,
but the framerails needed to be cleaned up.

looks straight

Unlike a model A frame which has a bend in it,
the AA frame is a simple straight frame.
This aluminum table is perfect for lining the rails up.

mocked up

All mocked up.
Pretty dope huh?

1937 ford front end

Almost 2 years ago I picked up this old front end.
perich brothers (and sister): score!
It's been kicking around long enough to be put to use.

removing spring leaves

There were 11 leaves which is surprising for a v8-60 car.
I don't have time to clean them up,
so removing some will have to do.


This helped out the rusty 40 tres huevos project
cause with the big caddy flathead,
those extra springs are badly needed.

donor front model a crossmember

I've got a couple of these A crossmembers lying around,
and it's about time to use one.
The bummer is the '37 spring is 1/4" wider than the A spring.
Ah hell.
Let's do something else.

Fiona Apple - Sally's Song

Since we've had kids,
the Nightmare before Christmas has become a holiday staple.
And yeah I'm a sucker for Fiona Apples singing!

"will we ever end up together?"
Perfect verse for this project.

short term storage

A couple friends, Mike and Spinner,
showed up and helped bring down the icing for the cake.

watch out for the truck!

Which was perfect as I could take pictures for this blog!
Thanks guys!

1927 roadster basketcase

After that,
Mike and I went to the house to finish up a related side project
the kids and I had started last weekend.

fun with flatheads

Last year I found a 59a flathead on craigslist.
Yeah yeah yeah.
Well like everything else it's been kicking around the shop.
Since there's an OK running 59a in the green 40,
my bright idea is to do a quick swap,
and see which one deserves to stay in the 40.

59a flathead

Tried to leave the greasiest part for Mike so I could take pictures,
but it didn't quite work that way.

once perfectly running 1940 ford coupe

Like I needed ANOTHER project!
At least it's at the house,
so its a good kid-watching thing to do,
when I'm not blogging anyway.

what steps?

In my quest to photographically document every step of this...
Our stepped "driveway" into the shop.
The cherry picker wheels are right on the edge.

starting to modify

Time to get back on the crossmember.
This was an ugly repaired piece,
perfect to cut up.
First was to widen it that 1/4" to fit the larger spring.


It looks the same but it's not!
The next step was to raise the center section,
which would also lower the car.


This was going to make an incredibly ugly crossmember,
but it would lower it an inch,
and that is a big deal.

widened and lowered
front crossmember with frame horns

Basically the idea is to make a prewar style hot rod,
using what would have been available to a poor guy in the 40's,
built by a poor guy in the 10's.
My concession is welding and grinding,
even though I tried I just don't have the time to hacksaw and file.

This is also one of the reasons to use the stock  ford '37-41
"spring in front of axle" suspension.
This type of suspension lowers the car a good couple inches without a dropped axle.
If the crossmember is bumped forward 3 or so inches,
the wheelbase stays the same.

The other benefit to me is keeping the frame horns.
I like frame horns.
The "rolling bones" style front end,
with the spring behind the axle attached to the radius rods,
is cool but you just don't see it in any old photographs,
and like the bulldog or suicide front end on our RPU-Chief,
there's no framehorns.

is this infected?

A reversed eye spring would lower it an inch or two,
and of course a dropped axle would lower it another 3.
Another option is a light Z.
Good thing  PREWAR is code for a tall ride height!

Looks like I've got my work cut out for me huh!
Stay tuned for more.


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  1. I need that roadster. Call me with a price. Gracias Danny.