24 February 2012

chocolate & cheese roadster - reprieve

After thinking this was my last day rubbing out the chocolate and cheese,
I found out the entry to the Big 3 swap is either before 1pm or after 4pm.
This gives me a whole morning to do some more thrashing.

custom ford hub puller - fail

Of course I didn't know that when I started the day.
I was like the tasmanian devil,
whirring around the shop.

First off was to get it on wheels.
I couldn't remove the hubs quickly,
so ended up swapping rims and tires to fit the wide 5 hubs.

holey roller!

While running around I grabbed some rattlecan.

dirty frame

With the body removed,
I gave it a half-ass scrub down with a wirewheel and scouring pads.
Thankfully the shop fan blew the rust and dirt out to our neighbors.

frame make-up

It looks pretty good black.

floor obstruction

Next was giving the floor some clearance for the driveshaft/torque tube.

torque tube remnants

The torque tube scrap was put to use.

crude but effective

Hopefully it would be enough.



With that relieved,
for some reason I decided to do some pedal work.

The 40 transmission uses a funky floating pivot arm.

1940 transmission

Fortunately I had a busted up one lying around.

busted 40 ford clutch arm

The arm was cut off,
and the missing end was fabbed up.


It fit perfectly with a top secret frame mount.

pivoting pivot

The clutch lever will need to be attached after the pedals are located.

ford donor pedals

Speaking of pedals,
these had been lying around the shop for a long time.
Finally put to use.
Corners were rounded off,
and brackets were shaved.

hole saw cut outs

My stash of hole saw innards again put to use.

pedals mounted

They'll need some tweaking,
however it's a good starting point.
And they're ford units.

firewall action

There's a master cylinder pushrod coming out the firewall,
but I'm not sure if that's gonna cut it.
I'd do a bell crank and have the MC be under the cowl,
using the vent door as access.
Or not.

1927 ford roadster
rear view

It was a long productive day.
I'm really liking this roadster.

1927 ford model T roadster
front view

There is still a ton that needs to get done.
I told my wife it's like filling a sink with the drain open.

1927 hot rod

Tomorrow, or actually this morning there's a couple good hours to work on it,
than hopefully I can get it to the Big 3 swap meet.

the chocolate and cheese roadster
1927 ford model T

For a banged up old body I love this shot!

Okay time for sleep...


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