01 February 2012

and so it starts...

Over the weekend I caught my oldest son Jaxon on teardown mode.

disassembled coaster brake hub

His new old schwinn stingray had some rear hub problems.
I was busy blogging or something,
and said "well start taking it apart I'll be right there..."

I meant take the wheel off the frame,
and he some how had the whole hub innards in pieces,
while blasting some hissy grateful dead bootleg tape
out of the old sansui 9090 in the garage.

grease monkey

Yes it was a proud moment.

I than showed him the joys of using diesel and a toothbrush
 to scrub away the old grease.
We were able to put it all back together without a hitch.
Even rode it to school the next day.

(imagine a long haired boy riding a beater schwinn stingray here)

Good job Jax!

Good times good times.



  1. i got a new departure that needs a go through. it's on its way!

  2. Piece of cake!
    Or maybe some donuts.
    And a beer for me...