08 February 2012

rainy day schedule II

Gotta love the rain,
especially when that means some personal shop time.

1940 ford custom dash

I have another project to do,
but there's still 2 weeks til the deadline.
Nothing could stop me from working on the dash this evening anyway.


I went with the original plan of 7 gauges,
even though I don't have 7 gauges to use.

Speedo-water L-water R- oil, amp/volt, fuel and ?
...help me here.


I ended up just throwing a bunch of random gauges in the holes.
It looks the same from over there anyway,

The dash insert was a really important piece of fluff,
and if I didn't do it now it would not get done anytime soon.

donkey dick

Since the gauge holes were in the steel dash,
(instead of a huge gaping hole that was covered by the insert)
Each hole had to be matched on the aluminum plate.

This was a pain in the popa as I only had a 1 3/4" hole saw,
and each hole had to be fit with the hand mill for the second time.

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A little more grinding and it was ready.

Even though the dash isn't finished,
I couldn't resist a quick rattlecan of black paint.
A little bit of temporary shine can't hurt anything at this point.


Its hard to see but the 1/4-20 machine screws holding the insert on are aluminum.
I've been wanting to use them for years.

mocked up

Check out the aluminum and steel snow on the transmission.
There was a fair amount of grinding involved here.

grinding snow

I'll admit it was an exciting moment to see it even partially done like this.
To imagine something and than see it evolve is like a drug.

custom 40 ford dash insert

Let's finish where we started ...


Don't even need a song for this post.


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