19 February 2012

back to black

So you remember we pulled the 59a flathead out of the 40 last week or so?

beater 59a flathead

Brought it over to the shop.
And with the help of a friend,
threw in the other one.
Figured it would be a done deal.

flathead engine extraction
1940 ford coupe

Even had the boys help wrench on it.

Perich Brothers at work


amy winehouse - back to black - 2007
The perfect song for this post.

Well all 59a flatheads aren't created equal.
If I had spent about 15 minutes looking at the "other" engine...

early distributor cam drive

Well the distributor drive on the cams are different.
The early '41 and earlier diving bell is shallow,
and the later '42 crab type is deeper.

ford flathead distributors
crab vs divers helmet

The "other" flathead of course had the later deep cam drive.
I searched my parts stash and found the little adapter that extends it.
Figuring that was it,
tried to start it.
Fuel is spraying out the head/block seam.
There's no head gasket!
What the heck.
Yeah I know it shoulda been obvious,
but this was a "running when pulled engine",
and of course I believed him!

back out

Instead of dickin around with it,
I just decided to pull it and put the old one back.

rattle can rebuild

So yeah,
the old one's back in.
As expected, it runs fine.
Especially after the shiny black rattle can rebuild!

Oh well...


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