28 February 2012

chocolate & cheese roadster - last push

I was a little spent over the weekend,
so here's a quick wrap up!

perich brothers!


ween - chocolate & cheese - voodoo lady

Definitely some voodoo goin on with this project.
Like that movie Iron Giant,
it wanted to be put together.
We were just pawns.



There was a good half day to work on the roadster before the swap load in at 4pm.
I started not too early by replacing this rusty section I had cut out the night before.

holey chit

This was no top notch job,
just enough to reinforce the subrail.
I'll have to pound out a sheetmetal patch panel later on.

quick patch

Luckily Spinner showed up to throw some hours in.
I showed him the list,
and he picked the most difficult thing,
the missing decklid.


Okay actually he started by shortening and welding up the headlight bar,
than he started on the frame for the decklid.

spinner checking the decklid frame

Things got even better when Mike showed up to get his hands dirty.

grease monkey

He did some mechanical stuff like bolt on the intake/carbs, dizzy,
and figured out how to attach the tow bar,
while experiencing the loudness of a 70's grateful dead show.
Thanks Mike!

27 roadster dash modification

Meanwhile I tried to mount the steering column.

dash filler

The easiest way was to take out that swoop on the drivers side.

column supported

Good enough.
Before Mike left,
he cut a beat '36 driveshaft to use for the exhaust.

mocked up exhaust

One more day and the exhaust could be finished.
For now this would have to do.

spinners decklid magic

By 3:00,
it was time to get this thing outside.

1927 ford roadster
Spinner's Suzuki

The old roadster rolled down the 2 steps no problem.
I love high cars.
It was obvious that spring clamps were needed,
and SPinner tackled the front.

custom spring clamp bolts

And I tackled the back.

custom rear spring clamp

I couldn't believe the progress he had made on the rear decklid in 3 hours.

1927 ford roadster rear shot

It was so good I sprayed my name on it.

chocolate and cheese
1927 ford roadster

While waiting for the wife and kids to show up,
I amassed a good pile for the swap meet.

1927 ford roadster

Finally they arrived,
and escorted the package to the swap meet.

perich brothers and sister
and mom

The car pulled amazingly well,
and got up to about 45mph.

at the swap meet

My cousin in law Brandon and friend Mario hooked up the spot.

With everything unloaded,
it was time to relax and have a couple drinks.
...4 red beers and 2 shots later..


ween - chocolate and cheese - candi

This is how I felt at the end of the day.
It was great!


Thanks to a good group of friends and family,
the hard part was finally over!

Thanks guys!!


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