13 February 2012


Today was a tough day.
Well not really.
Writing about it is making it tougher.

If you've figured something out I'm a hoarder.
I like multiples of everything.
Not three of the same things,
just a couple versions of similar things.
I can't explain it really.

A couple weeks ago I decided to do some flipping,
clear up some needed space,
and free up some cash.

One of the things I craigslisted was that cool Paletti road bike.
It's been hanging in the garage,
dangling head high in the walkway.

I've got a recurring theme,
and that is selling the nicest stuff I've got,
cause I don't end up using them as much as the beater stuff,
(hmm, that's why I have multiples...)
and it will sit and just get ruined from storage.

bye bye paletti

Even in a city of a million people,
there's a community of craigslist hunters
 that I can recognize by either their email or saved phone number.

The bike got lucky by finding someone who will ride and appreciate it,
not strip it and sell parts on ebay.
He actually paid more than I was asking!

Sal Gonzalez

The new owner, Sal Gonzalez,  besides being a bike collector,
is also a crazy artist.
He just had a show and his van was full of his paintings.
Really cool stuff.

So even though it was a bummer to let go of something,
it really paid off by meeting someone with a similar mindset.
Weird how things happen sometimes!


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