05 February 2012


Last week got to christen the new dock cart.

working dock cart

The time spent making it is quickly paying off.

While working I was a little distracted by some random splotches.


Almost like a painting.
My droid phone loses so much detail,
it looked much better in real life.


These next ones were kinda neat.

marine patina I

Again the detail is lifeless with the droid phone.

marine patina II

It's like abstract art.
I'd put a print of that on my wall.
Maybe upside down though.


I was able to enjoy the typically unnoticed
while monitoring the water drain out of this crack.


Here's another action shot of the dock cart.

dock cart in action

I almost want to build another one.

rocket science

The guys on the boat with the $200K paint job loved us working so close,
so why shouldn't it's owner park his shiny black ride right next to us!


Sometimes I get stuck doing the dirty work,
but this was nothing compared to my co-workers unphotographed mess.
I'll admit that it helps me to appreciate the fun projects.


One day working on 20 gauge,
the next 1/4" steel plate.
Patch panels are patch panels right!

girl scout samoas

No complaints when the welding shop saleswoman
also sells girl scout cookies.
Who needs coffee!


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