22 November 2011

san diego HAMB meet

Most car guys that read this blog know what the HAMB is.
If you don't know,
it's basically a forum where people talk about old cars.

THE H.A.M.B. - Powered by vBulletin

The weird thing about these forums is you have no idea who you're talking to,
other than the small amount of information you read or see on the posts.

So last month this guy organized a "breakfast meet up"
at Perry's restaurant which is close by the shop.

San Diego HAMB breakfast meet up - THE H.A.M.B.
(don't read too much or you'll spoil the story!)

I thought it was kinda funny,
cause who can plan over a month in advance!
Well the time went by really quick,
and all of a sudden it was Sunday morning.

Typically my wife works on Sundays,
so I usually try to knock a couple hours of work at the shop,
and part of me didn't want to lose that rare chunk of time.
But at 7:59 I figured what the heck I gotta motivate and not be a chump,
I could always go to the shop after.

san diego hamb breakfast

Well I rolled up to a handful of cars,
and about a dozen guys standing around in the cold. (for SD!)

san diego hamb breakfast

It ended up being a cool experience.
Our roadster pickup (chief)
is a good icebreaker for conversation.

chopped 1935 ford coupe

I finally found the owner (jimmy)
 of that bitchin chopped '35 ford coupe with the '37 headlights.

perich brothers (and sister): double take - chopped 35 ford coupe ... and more!

8ba flathead
with chevy distributor

It was even cooler to see that it had a flathead engine,
and also a torque-tube overdrive conversion.

1951 fords

This was a cool shot,
as the cars are the same.

1951 fords
ass end

The guy that organized the deal, Paul,
has this really cool flathead powered 1951 ford.

1950 ford

And I really like that rear view of that dang '35 coupe.

So after some car talk,
most of us ended up eating,
than after we went to the shop,
which was just around the corner.

back in time

(geeman51 took this shot)
It was cool to meet guys that could relate to my mess!

So at the shop I snapped some quick pics of the cars.

1951 ford coupe

hombres ruin
1950 ford coupe

1951 ford coupe

adrian rollini
60 something falcon

junk yard kid
1935 ford 5-window

1953 chevrolet pickup

1929 ford roadster pickup

There were a couple other guys that didn't bring cars,
and it seems like next month will bring a bunch more.

On the way out got this last going home shot.


Thanks to Paul and the helldivers c.c for rallying up the san diego crowd!
See ya next month.


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