22 November 2011

straight flush

The kids are out of school for the week.
That means the boys are stuck at the shop while I work.

what's down there?

They were lucky today cause it was loud and dirty,
so their old playstation 2 was in heavy use.

long time coming

Like most kids playing video games,
they won't eat, drink or pee until the last possible moment.

little by little

Since they were distracted,
I started a long awaited project.


As time went on,
they probably thought they were getting away with something,
while I was thinking the same downstairs.

made these yesterday

So I figured what the heck,
I'll work until they realize it's dark outside,
and maybe time to go home.

door patina

Well it didn't matter.
I finished way more than I had expected,
and they were in no way ready to stop playing.

holy chit

Looking at these pictures,
I can barely register what I'm looking at.
It's been almost 2 years that there has been that door gap,
let alone no doors before last month.


Tomorrow I can't expect to get as lucky,
as the schedule is totally different.
So the other side will have to wait.


There's enough finish work to do on this side,
since it's only tacked,
and the frame's not completed.


Heck yeah.


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