25 August 2011

double take - chopped 35 ford coupe ... and more!

Last weekend we dropped by this event called "Tiki Oasis".
There was a low key car show there and this car really stood out,
to me anyways.

chopped 1935 ford 5-window  coupe

I've got a thing for chopped 5-windows and someone did an exceptional job on this one.
The chop is nothing like a drop down model A chop,
there are many curves and reverse reveals to deal with.
The roof was filled and stretched,
 but the crown looked stock.
Tough to do.

mild custom

This was the trippy part,
and I'm bummed I didn't take a closer look,
or take more pictures.

The fenders had 1937/1938 headlights,
so I figured they were modified 37 fenders too a 35 grille.

There are big differences in 1937 and 1935 ford grille outlines,
and the shape of the inner fenders is totally different.

ripped pic of a 1937 front end 

So most likely they grafted the headlight "bucket" to the fender.
The rubbed black paint was the perfect camouflage for the amount of work,
as it was tricky to tell if it's a recently done or old time car.


Anyway I really liked it.
I'll be on the hunt for it to check it out further.
Can't believe I didn't take a rear shot.

This was cool too.

1960 ford country squire wagon

The perfect family car!

Since I'm starting to ramble I'll throw these last few pics up here too.


While some of us hack away at rusty steel,
others spend there time hacking away at little pigs.

rotisserie pig

This was trippy - the pig rotated,
and there was a little fake fire coming out of a hole in the rocks.
If only we had some space in the house and a couple hundred extra bucks.

It must have been a theme as there were a bunch of different versions.

crazy pig

I liked this burro too.
Good thing we don't have a mantle to put it on.


Meanwhile a side project of the Creepy Creeps - Creepxotica was outside playing.


Definitely made it a surreal morning.
Think I might buy their record.
Dionysus Records » Blog Archive » New Dionysus Releases by Jerry Sun and Creepxotica!

Anyway that's about it.


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