02 November 2011

birds & the bees

My oldest kid Jaxon gave me a letter from school yesterday,
saying that his 6th grade sex education class starts in a couple days.

Holy Chit.

I asked him if he knew anything about this stuff,
and he said
"well no, you never told me about any of it..."

Holy Chit.


A couple days ago I got this dollar bill as some change.
For some reason I've not spent it.
It was a sign.


grateful dead - sugar magnolia / sunshine daydream
the early '73 sugar mags are rockin'


As a parent,
I love hanging out with the kids,
as kids.
Now that they're older the boys school me at HALO, wall ball, my word pronunciation...
We can talk about cars now, bikes, music, you know - fun stuff...

But now I have 2 days to figure out a Birds & the Bees speech.
I shoulda just showed him some internet "light porn" pictures right when he gave me that paper.
Yeah it would have been crude,
but it would have been over.
Now I've built it up enough to write about it on here!

Holy Chit!



  1. HAHAHAHAHA I was brought up a little different than many coming out of a divorced family with a "father" (I use the term loosely) who just wanted to be friends so I had a pretty good idea before health class, but what I will not forget is the day we had to watch THE MOVIE and you had to come in to scholl with your father, I was sent with my grandfather. About 5 minutes is, he looked at me and said "you get this right" I replied Yes, and he said "good lets go get icecream" then went home and yelled at my mother for sending him! hahahahaha

  2. Well the conversation was alot easier than I thought.
    The only problem is,
    now my wife asks if he's washed his scrotum.!