24 November 2011

how not to sell a mountain bike - Breezer Thunder

A couple weeks ago,
I came across an ad for a beater mountain bike on craigslist,
while eating a late lunch at the shop.

Not like I'm in the market for another mountain bike really,
cause I just found that MB-3 I keep yammering about.
Its just this dang phone makes it way too easy to not read the paper or a magazine.

The title just screamed at me,
so I had to look.


$1400 mountain bike for $80  (title)

Sweet Mountain Bike

Really cush comfortable seat but it's been cracked so I taped it with black electrical tape. Needs to be retaped or needs a seat cover.

The bike's gears need some work. The 3 main gears shift good but all the other little gears don't shift properly. Also whenever I take off on the bike and put a lot of pressure on the pedal it skips at first but once I get going itis fine. Needs some work but it's still a very good bike. It is really light and fast. I bought it at the beginning of the summer and have ridden everyday around PB and I have become attatched to it. Kinda sad selling it but whatever. The guy I bought it from was the original owner and he said it cost $1400. Check them out online. Apparently these are good bikes and I agree. This one is 10 years old but you get a $1400 dollar bike for $80 plus whatever repairs you make. I still ride it around everyday just using the 3 main gears. Don't really need the other ones but if you're a serious rider then you will want to get it fixed. The main problem I have with it...is when it skips at take off. I expect it to happen then I just continue afterwards. The frame and wheels and tires are good and ready to ride. Good tires go from street, to grass, to sand. Brakes are good but probably need to be cleaned are adjusted.

Also one of the pedal grip cover things on the right pedal came off and needs to be reattatched. Overall it's a really good bike. Get's compliments from people who know bikes.

$20 dollar lock and two keys will come with the bike so that's cool if you don't have a lock.

Text or email to come check it out. 619 45x 88xx jordan

most important - seat
funky setup



What the heck I thought,
does that say BREEZER on that frame tube?
Than why is the seat such an important issue in the sale?

It was later in the day,
I texted him.
A while later he texted back and said he had to work,
so the next morning I could meet up.

That gave me some time to study up on the bike at home.
I found out it was a 1995 Breezer Thunder,
one of the hardtail bikes I could only dream about back then.
Now I really wanted it.

Breezer Museum

The next morning he texted,
and said his neighbor wanted it.

So fast forward a couple weeks,
and last night I get a text from the guy.
"Do you still want that old bike?"

Heck yeah!
He had actually relisted the bike an hour earlier,
so I busted out there to get it.

beater breezer thunder

The bike was in great shape for the price,
no dents or dinks in the frame,
almost complete original parts.
Obviously a bit of a project,
but who am I to turn down a gift horse!

(If you look really closely,
you can see the frayed rusty wire near the circular brake splitter,
that's why the rear gears weren't shifting.)

beater 1995 breezer thunder

The guy was your typical PB (pacific beach) student.
A cruiser was all he really needed.
That's probably why it was set up so janky.

what bike?

Just what I needed,
another bike project.
Yeah but it's a bad ass bike project!
I tried to squeeze it into the space I'm (reluctantly) alotted in the house,
but of course the wife eyed it pretty quick.
I tried the "it was a $1400 bike for $80" line,
and that seems to have worked for now.

you guys will be reading more about this one...


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  1. I have a 1995 Breezer Beamer that was my late brother's sitting in my spare room.Beautiful bike but I am to short for it. I did check out the price new and there are 2500.00 it in great condition just needs air in tires from sitting. I have kept it inside. Would like to sell it but I still researching the worth of it.