01 November 2011

Economics 101

Not much gets your head back in the game like playing poker with a bunch of strangers.
Poker teaches how to navigate through the sea of sharks and bait.
It's like Economics 101.

After that nighter swimstep job I posted about a couple weeks ago,
my body was aching for a rest.
The last thing I wanted to do was work on car projects or even tinker.
I couldn't just sit around though,
the perfect time to play.


It had been a while since I've had time to go to a local card room, 
the Village Club  in Chula Vista.

I started with the old man game "Omaha Hi-Lo".
It's a tough game to make chips at,
as the pot is usually split into the best low hand and the best high hand.
Also cause it's usually a bunch of retired guys who don't give up their money easily.
I mean,
they made it well enough to be able to retire, 
which says something!

Anyway I did double up but it took a couple hours,
and I shoulda left a bit earlier as I started playing a little sloppy with the extra chips.

(if you know any poker players - you'll know there's lotsa shoulda have's)


Grateful Dead - Loser
one of their better slow songs...

Cool live video version... 1977

Cool live "sweet susie"  version - 1971


After being hypnotized by the pace of the 4 card game,
I moved over to the low level no-limit game.
It was like swimming in a pool to swimming in the surf.
Fortunately I didn't give up any chips,
but I did let go of one good hand I should have played ;)

This was almost 2 weeks ago,
and it really did help get my mind a little sharper.
After this I went on my craigslist flipping frenzy.
It's strange how you can morph the poker techniques into simple business transactions.

I'm telling ya,
sharks and bait.


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