24 November 2011

another armageddon vehicle

A friend Eric brought his RV over for a quick seat repair.

1972 chevy g20 van
with 4x4 and  balboa camper conversion

This was his grandfathers baby.
In the 80's he installed the 4x4 running gear.
Eric's been restoring it for the past 10 years or so.
Sweet rig,
especially in california as it's a pre-smog vehicle.

homebrew 4x4

With fords you see the sportmobile and quadravan van conversions,
but with chevy you rarely see aftermarket 4x4 vans.

balboa motorhome

I guess around '68 to '74,
you could bring your van in to Jensen Marine,
and they'd install the fiberglass camper conversion.
Rumor has it they also made Catalina sailboats too.

Balboa Motorhome

Check out this oldie.

dodge a100 with balboa conversion

So with 2012 coming up,
I'm gonna be on the lookout for one of these babies.
Ok, if there's a ford version anyway!


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