21 November 2011

5 years - HBD MJP!!

My wife's gonna kill me for posting these pics...

So 5 years ago.
Holy moley 5 years already.

ready to burst

It was supposed to be a just another night watching a movie or something,
when all of a sudden her water broke.
To say it was a little surprising would be an understatement.

I'm gonna put the song up early.
It's a long song,
and if you actually read through all this,
it will be background music.
Then when you're done,
you're gonna be like,
"wow that's song's crazy I gotta listen to it again!"

grateful dead - mississippi half-step - 26mar73

If you liked that one,
check these out.
Grateful Dead - Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo 1977-05-07 - YouTube

Grateful Dead - Mississippi Half Step - 5.25.77 - YouTube
77 and 78 had some good ones.


Our second kid Jake (Jakob) was a C-section,
we just strolled in by appointment and he was carved out.
No fuss just a perfect round headed baby.

This was because our first kid, Jaxon,
was twisting around in her womb,
and besides being a breach baby,
his umbilical cord was double wrapped around his neck.
After 2 days of labor,
they decided the emergency C-section was best!

three amigas

So the water breaks,
my wife's standing in the bathtub.
I go get the car ready,
and of course its the 40...

We raced up the hill to the hospital around midnight.
Since she had eaten a bowl of cold cereal,
they couldn't do the c-section til the morning.
It was a long night!

macey james perich

A couple months earlier,
one of my oldest friends,
Jimmy Elms,
had died of melanoma caused cancer.
It was a sad time for me as he was only a year younger.
I had seen him the day before he died,
and told him that I'd name our kid after him.

Well we waited until delivery to see if it was a boy or girl,
and of course it was a girl!
So that's why she's named Macey James Perich.

I'll have to dig out some of the pics of me and Jimmy when we were little.

Anyway the 40 had done such a good job as the stork-mobile,
I ended up squirting a dozen rattlecans on it.

1940 ford coupe
rattlecan special

At the time the shop was across the street.
Really convenient to watch the kids while working.

little helper

All the kids grew up like this!

So fast forward 5 years already.

macey and the 40

I have a feeling I'm gonna be in big trouble as she gets older!
At least the boys can help keep her in check.

uh oh
5 year old pinup!




  1. Fun post, the music compliments it well. The picture of the babe with the ear protection is hilariousness! Travis you lucky dog.

  2. Glad you took it all in AJ.
    Making the kids is easy,
    its the raising them that's kinda tricky!