10 November 2011

25 years - '53 chevy 150

My Dad has had this old chevy for over 25 years now.

1953 chevy 150 project

When he got it from a (now) recently deceased friend, Nick Eaton,
there was a stock front end and a 6-banger.
Now there's a mustang II, a 350/350 and a 9" out back.

This was all done probably 20 years ago!

1953 chevrolet 150 business coupe

My Dad's not really a mechanical guy.
He's more the body and set-up guy.
I remember working on one of my first VW's way back when,
I'd tear out the engines and put them back in in the street.
He'd observe but said it was (jokingly) "magic" how an engine worked.
(when he saw me pull out the distributor)

macey and chevy

He pulled it out of the side of the house a while back,
and now my Mom has been parking in the street.
Which means I need to get my arse in gear and get it down to the shop,
before he sends it to greener pastures!


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