14 November 2011

will work for car parts

A friend of mine threw this SBF together for his f100 pickup truck,
swapping out the old 6-cylinder.
mike's 302

I like the way those fords look,
especially when nestled in a ford frame.
The only thing I'd change is the MSD distributor to an older Mallory,
but that's only for looks not performance.

A mutual friend of ours, Mario,
has a ton of car chit.
We were talking about Mike's engine,
and he said he had some of those finned valve covers.

So he dropped by with some chevy ram horns headers with a broken stud.
some guys work for $$,
I'll work for car parts!
ram horn surgery

The stud was broken but the ear was also cracked,
and of course it cracked off.
So much for the quick fix!
brazing cast iron 

That meant bringing out the old torch,
and brazing the pieces together.
I've done alot of cast iron brazing for our neighbors who run a die cutter business,
and those pieces take alot of abuse before they fail,
if they fail.
The pieces that do break don't brake at the braze joint either.

Since these are relatively rigid,
the only issue is the continual heat changes.
So we'll see how long this lasts!
finned valve covers
ford 289/302/5.0

So now I've got one more piece to the puzzle!
(okay 4 pieces)
lincoln town car 5.0

With the solid 5.0/aod in our Lincoln Town Car,
it makes it that much easier to keep it.
Since it's like driving around on a couch.
it's been hard to let go of anyway!


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