27 November 2011

Another Birthday!

Today my wife (Dani) turned 36.
Now she's really my old lady!

my girls

We've been together for a long time,
15 years or so.
No two people could be as opposite or the same,
kinda like this song.

Crazy germans!

It didn't take long and we (she) popped out our 3 kids.
Crazy times.

Holy Chit honey,
I just found out that Bjork has the same birthday as Macey.

Bjork - 1st Clive Anderson Interview (1995) - YouTube

Now this next video is our life,
just swap our kids into the scenes there.
Just kidding,

Anyway I recently found out that she reads this blog,
to see what's going on in my little world.

So Happy Birthday Honey!



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