07 November 2011

almost skunked

The San Diego Velodrome bike swap meet was yesterday (sunday).
I'd been waiting patiently for the day to come.
Fortunately it didn't rain.

san diego velodrome bike swap - left

I scrounged up a couple "just in case" bucks,
just in case.
You never know.

san diego velodrome bike swap middle

I had a short list of things I'm lacking -

- a rear road bike brake for the Rauler Hauler
perich brothers (and sister): bike time I - Rauler Hauler

-a front gear ring and some grips for the new to me MB-3
-oh yeah, a 1" threaded headset also for the mb-3

And of course any too good to be true deals.

san diego velodrome bike swap - more middle

So me and the boys rallied out,
much easier with the daylight savings time change fall back.

san diego velodrome bike swap - right

I'm usually a pretty good swap-meeter.
You would think in this relatively huge (for bikes only) swap meet,
there would be tons of scores.


This was all we eaked out of the place.
Jake found the cool working tail light for $2,
and also the reflector for his stingray. (no round ones though)

I found the ring that would work,
from one of the same sellers at the little bike swap last week!
The guy also had the foot clips which I didn't really need,
but to pay $5 to get in,
and only spend $5 on parts,
I had to get something.

There were some good deals out there,
if you're into spandex and fixies.
I'm really choosy and focus on the older stuff.
This beater Sannino road bike frame/fork almost came home with us,
but a bare frame is a trap,
cause the parts needed to make it a rider end up costing hundreds of dollars.
And i'm already a little spread thin with projects!

perich brothers (and sister): hammered - bridgestone mb-3

It's funny how the last weeks Encinitas bike swap,
with maybe 8 sellers,
outdid this bike swap.

There was this cool van.

ford sportmobile


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