31 October 2011

hammered - bridgestone mb-3

The problem with craigslisting is finding deals that normally would go un-noticed.
I was flipping stuff and came across something that I've been missing for 11 years.
An old bridgestone MB-3 mountain bike.

1990 bridgestone mb-3

I tried to say no even before looking at it,
cause this was a '90 - (tigged-taiwan)
and my old one was a '91 - (lugged-japan)
but it was like a pound dog that ya gotta bring home.
That's why I don't go to the dog pound...


If you click the link,
scroll down to the 19th review - december 6, 2002.
Yep, that's mine.

Everything always looks better on the little craigslist pictures,
and everything always looks better in the dark too!
Luke/Pigpen and I went to go check it out,
the guy had locked it up outside his work for me to see it. (waiter)
I searched for dents and obvious problems like untrue wheels,
and it seemed like a peach for (a little bit lower than) the asking price.

So I brought it to the shop,
and ouch,
it was a little more worn out than I had thought.
I spent a couple hours just cleaning, oiling and tuning it up.
The pedals and bottom bracket were way beyond tuneable help,
and the first generation manitou shock was about useless.
There was so much wear on the cogs or gears,
it was like archeology wondering what this bike went through.

I think that's what made me like my old bridgestone so much.
The thing was so solid,
and so predictable.
The previous owner obviously thought the same about this new/old bike,
just hammered on it.

Well today there happened to be a bi-annual bike swap up in Encinitas.

encinitas bike swap - october

I had been to this location before and knew it was small,
but this was SMALL.
If you're a swapper though,
sometimes these are the best ones.
Good parts, good prices, no buyers. Perfect!

bike swap scores

Fortunately I had studied the replacement bottom bracket beforehand,
and removed the old ball & cup one to compare lengths.
Wouldn't you know it a guy had one for $5!! (shimano un-72)
The next guy had the special tool for $10 - half price new!
(along with some cool brake line wire cutters)
Another guy had the beefy specialized cranks for $10,
how could I say no?
Strange how things fall into place sometimes.

So back home,
tried to replace the bottom bracket.
The kids and I went up to my grandmothers (nana's) house
to use my grandfather's (papa's) old tools.

removing stuck bottom bracket cup

The cup was so stuck in there the easiest way to remove it was with a vice.

While I was at it I decided to lop a couple inches off the seatpost,
every gram counts right?

weight weenie

This is one of his old tool cabinets.

papa's tool cabinet

I remember using these tools as a kid,
so this cabinet has been around easily 40 plus years!

billet hacksaw

I had to take a picture of the hacksaw handle he made.
It's a little billet, a little drillium.

Okay drifted off a little bit there.
Back home again I replaced the gears on the rear deraileur.

a little worn?

Isn't that crazy?
How many miles does it take to wear out one of those gears?

1990 bridgestone mb-3
almost tuned

After a quick couple hours screwing around with it,
the bike had been rejuvenated,
on the cheap - not even $200 in it!
I'm not too sure about the specialized cranks though,
unless I can find a 46 or 48 tooth to replace the 42 tooth it came with.
Part of me is considering ditching the front derailler and just have the 7 rear speeds,
seeing how it'll probably be a city and trail bike.

bridgestone mb-3

I like how the rear stays pinch in tight to the seatpost.
I'm a little taken right now with it,
I'll ride it to work tomorrow!


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