31 March 2011

the Ultimate Panga - Dios Mio

this is it.
The ultimate panga.

the ultimate panga

let me sub-phrase this.
This is the ultimate panga,
for drug running and illegal alien smuggling.

200 HP poder puro

Check out that engine,
200 HP of pure V-6 power.
This is a hot rod.

the shape of speed

This thing has got to haul ass.
Look how skinny it is,
with just enough flat surface on the back to get on a plane,
even with a ton of human cargo, gas and some extra goodies.

cargo space

This one is about 25+ feet.
with 6 church style bench seats -
easily 3 or 4 to a bench so about 20+ comfortable spots.
Remember the math, that's about 60-100K just for the illegals.

But have you noticed anything, well, awesome about this package?

200 HP of tiller steered goodness - OMG

This one should be called "Dios Mio"
This friggin thing has tiller steering.
No cheesy wire and pulley side console system like some have.
This is sit in the back,
hand throttle like a motorcycle,
bad ass.

That's probably it's give-away as a mule.
The short tiller means it carry's cargo to flatten it out,
usually there's a couple feet extension on a big HP tiller steer,
and the guy kinda stands up,
like riding a huge surfboard.

What a handful!


Black or grey guys come on!
Haven't you been reading my Panga to the promised land posts?
It's called camouflage.
Even a mellow green or blue,
not this bright stuff. 

In previous posts I've stated the engines disappear,
but a friend has seen them cut the outboards in half.
Basically cut the shaft part.
I'm sure this engine was stolen though,
probably from a fisherman on a baja trip,
or even from the driveway, still on a trailered boat!
Oh well.

I want this one.


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