22 March 2011

200,000 miles

Most major mileage rollovers are on the freeway,
or in traffic,
and you just miss it.

199998 miles! - ford van

This is THE major odometer rollover in this van,
and somehow it happened to be in a spot worthy of a few pics.

2001 ford e350 - 200,000 miles

Yeah this is the ultimate jinx for this workhorse of a van,
but it's well deserving,
and I need something to post up here!

2001 ford e350 van - 200,000.2 miles

This is the wonderful south bay area of chula vista.
Lotsa shady stuff goes on.
It's like a wildlife refuge, hobo camp, body dumping ground.

200,000 miles

I think the old girl deserves a total fluid change.
Hopefully this weekend.
We're on borrowed time now!


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