17 March 2011

panga to the promised land II

You remember this post a week or so ago?

perichbrothers (and sister): panga to the promised land

So 3 or 4 new panga's showed up in the past week.

not this time

The guy with the grey boat had it right.
Grey is a good camouflage color for the ocean,
the Navy uses it right?

What's up with the Charger blue and yellow striped boat though?
Cmon guys,
if you have a 15 or 20 person haul,  x ($3-5000) -
that's a $45K to $100K boat ride.
Buy some friggin black or grey paint, cheap!

Yes buy a couple gallons for the inside too,
that bright baby blue doesn't cut it,
remember helicopters!

panga graveyard

So just for this week,
let's say we have 4 boats at 20 people each paying 4000,
that's about 80 people paying $320K in failed border crossings,
last week about the same.
Holy Chit!

Yeah I realize that money is dispersed throughout the Coyote heirarchy,
the driver prolly only gets a tiny fraction,
but wow.
So, is there a free 2nd chance option?
I think the illegals only get sent across the border.
Than what?

this is the candidate for the best quickee job between jobs job.

holy chit

Nah that's not crap,
its just the sediment from the bottom of the bay.

Good times.



  1. Do they crush the boats? You should try and buy one?


  2. Yeah Chris,
    It looks like they all get crushed.
    The engines mysteriously disappear though!

  3. Hmmm......maybe a boat could disappear...haha.