14 March 2011

Mcintosh Addict

A friend of mine, Chip, came by the shop a couple months back.
This was before I found the Sansui 9090,
but the 85w Kenwood kr-7600 blew him away.

What it did,
was crack that time hardened shell that was covering a dormant seed,
like an almond, or a walnut. or a macadamia nut.

This was a dangerous nut to crack,
as Chip had suppressed his desire for McIntosh sound equipment for years.
Well this is what happened.

McIntosh C26 preamp
MC 2505 50w amp
MR 73 Tuner
$20 home depot shelf

like a fast growing vine,
not a slow growing tree.

This stuff is nice. Real nice.
Too nice to know if its smarter to use it or just store it away.

Tanner with his inheritance

When you crack the upper crust,
the only guy to work on McIntosh stuff is Terry DeWick,
so this stuff has all Certified repairs stickers too.
DeWick Repairs
McIntosh Home Audio For Sale, McIntosh Labs Used Audio Equipment

One night I dropped by,
and he threw some tunes on,
pushed it  about halfway up the volume dial.
But distorted at a certain point.
It did sound fine though at normal listening levels,
the ones that his wife would actually allow over a long term.

Well not one to back down from a battle.
A short while later...

MC 2205 200wpc amp

Holy Shit Chip.
You win.
200 watts per channel!

90lb. mother of all amps

I have yet to go by to hear it,
but it just looks loud.
The guy said this could power a hockey rink!

Now I need 2 rubber bands on my wrist to snap.

I am happy with my Sansui 9090.
I am perfectly content with what I have now.
110 watts per channel is plenty.



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