01 March 2011

grinding tables and tweaker carts

About a year ago I lost my grinding table.


I knew it was around somewhere.

THE grinding table

Last time it had been this clean was Feb 2010.
(if you look by the vice there's some pigpen graffitti)

chispa catch

I had thrown it together when a friend "DynoDanny" and his now wife Lucy
were visiting.
The idea was to have a place to grind, while keeping the dust down.
That lasted about a month.
Flat clean spaces are very rare anywhere in my vicinity,
just look at the stairs in the pictures!

this is why I don't start cleaning

It was short-lived to see the grinding table.
But there were bigger fish to fry than just moving a table around.

2 feet = one car

By moving the table,
I could fit a car in here with decent work room.

not the car project we were expecting

Like the title says,
this is not the car project most of us want to see.
However, if you've been driving around lately,
you'll notice gas prices in the neighborhood of $4/gallon.
It's a perfect excuse to get this reliable and safe to keep or to flip.

Hey, since my work/daily car is a 3/4 ton Ford van,
a little 2-liter BMW is looking kinda good right now!

holy chit

So within 2 hours it went from the beauty you see here...

aye yay yay

To the gaping hole of a project.
Where to stop.

early 4spd  vs 5spd Getrag

The primary goal was to swap in the 5-speed overdrive transmission,
which is from an '82 BMW 320i.
I had never seen the inside of the stock 1600/2002 transmission,
and pictures are difficult to find,
so this was the first comparison shot of the two inner bellhousings.
- Linkage clutch vs hydraulic clutch
- center ball pivot vs opposite side ball pivot for clutch arm.
- external clutch arm vs internal clutch arm.
This stuff isn't in the manual,
which says the 4-spd to 5spd swap is an 11 step process.

Oh well, I've got some tricks up my sleeve,
but there's other stuff I wanted to do other than the tranny.

good ole stool

The tranny swap needs a shortened driveshaft, shifter, and new mounts as well,
so the idea is to clean everything up,
and fix some of the hokey chit.
Than if worse comes to worse (¡$$!) and the 4-spd needs to go back in,
at least it will look presentable and be cleaner to work on later.

Other than an annoying exhaust leak,
and a tough synchro in 2nd gear, it drove pretty good.
I need to remember that while I work on it.
This is cheap transportation, not a restoration.
This is cheap transportation, not a restoration.

tweaker cart

One of the good things about the shop,
is there are always old shopping carts close by.
This cart from a cart will never have a better home,
it's on its 3rd use here.
One thing working on these little 4-bangers, they're so light.
Sketchy looking huh!

I'm gonna give the little BMW 2 weeks,
whatever I can do.
Please remind me when 2 weeks is up -
the Tres Huevos 40 is waiting!


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