01 March 2011

lucky neighbor - '56 ford cabover

Our shop neighbor, Walt,
who is also the owner of the property,
has some of the coolest stuff.

He and his friend, Art,  just finished this thing.

1956 f-600 cabover

The amazing thing is they only work on it once a week, every monday!
I think it took about 2 years.

chevy 3500 running gear

It has a chevy suburban or truck running gear, a 3500 style I think,
so its a good freeway hauler,
except for yesterday when they got stuck on the freeway,
(electrical issue)
only one mile away after a 90 mile first road trip!

big red

Its been fun to watch them do their thing.
There were some pedal and steering issues,
and the flatbed is made out of scrap shelving units!
They painted it in that dilapidated covering on the left.

Now he can add it to his collection.
Will be interesting to see what's next.


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