02 March 2011

bullfights, woodprints & paperbags

The old shop on Main St. in Ventura had some great perks.
Since Brooks Institute photography school was right up the road,
there were lotsa students taking pictures of all the junk.

Every now and than a more seasoned artist would come by,
and I really got lucky with this one.
While cleaning up the shelves in the previous post,
I rediscovered this bitchin print.

memories of the old shop

Some guys like cameras, or metal and grinders,
This guy, Richard Wilke,  carves pictures out of wood blocks, than prints them.

Richard Wilke woodprint

This was all I could quickly find about him.
Richard Wilke Art Show - has some of his other work
Richard Wilke - a brief bio

Like most pictures that are a recent memory,
I remember when he dropped it off,
and it was like, oh cool!
But since I lived in that scene,
my appreciation was, well,  brief.
It stayed rolled up for years.

I remember Richard was so amazed when he came by to shoot some pictures to study,
with the hot rods and the kayaks being so opposite of each other.
Now 3 years away from Ventura (after a 15 year stay!)
 and I feel really lucky to have this.
Good times up there.

So let's get rid of this crazy thing.

crazy time

**If I'm in an aggro/borderline psychotic mood,
Tool is gonna be my comfort music.
Just the first 3 albums though - Opiate, Undertow and Aenima.
-Aah, now some of you recognize the picture.
(I had this hanging up before the kids came,
and its just been stashed away for a long time)


But where to put it.
See the poster behind macey?

420 at the bullfight

It took 13 years to be able to sneak these up at the house.
We found them at the Ventura College swap meet.
Someone had glued them to some particle board,
and did a wild antiqued patina to them with the brown paint.
My wife Dani hated them til about a year ago.

Here's the pair together - from the 60's.

Plaza de Toros

I've been wanting to add to our collection of bullfighting posters from Spain...
Very tough to take down but I've got a better place in mind.

very brown

My wife was cracking up cause I left the wrinkled paperbag background.
She remembers when I did that way back than,
much less keep it after all these years!
Makes it harder to spot the cracked glass.


Now we can see the 40 and chief (29 RPU) for reals in the garage,
or we can look at a caricature of them over the couch!


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  1. that thing is awesome. I'd say it was fake, a figment of the artist imagination if i didn't already know any better. Should get that guy to make you some wood block t-shirts!