08 March 2011

worm miners

A couple posts ago,
I showed you a picture.

liar's club

I didn't give the three choices,
but if you had picked "worm mine" you would have lost.
It's more like "worm fishing".

a "WTF" moment

Sometimes you have to eat shit to poop!

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Stay in school, behind a desk...right...

baiting the trap

Start by setting the hook...

Got one!

Wait, wait, snag it...

We win!

This one was tore up,
usually they come out nice and big.
Shitty job,
but hopefully it got us in the door.

its not a worm mine,
it's actually a "stuffing box" for a rudder shaft.
This is the old packing seal,
basically a rope/wax seal, like for a crankshaft.

tug boat

For car engine's,
the tool is called a "sneaky pete" and is a corkscrew with a piece of wire.
Cool how big boat stuff is just a really big version.
Might edit in a pic later.

What I'll do for my brother!


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