09 March 2011

greener pastures - kenwood ka7002 & kt7001

There are some things I'll keep just out of sentimentality or memories,
especially when I've had it for a long time,
It's easier to flip stuff that doesn't get that connection.

However I had to part with my old Kenwood system,
the one that started this whole stereo obsession that I didn't know I had.
Yep, after, wow, 16 or more years, time to move on.

Funny story is,
I threw it on Craigslist for cheap one night,
and the next day,
a guy (steve) from missouri calls and says he wants it!
Any craigslist hunter will know that "craigslook" was taken down,
making it alot harder to search nationwide craigslists.
Anyway this guy knew a different trick.

kenwood kt-7001 last look

I used to buy and sell on ebay alot.
But it's such a pain in the ass to ship stuff,
that I found it easier to just give deals on craigslist,
no shipping, no paypal, no postal money orders, no feedback.

last look kenwood ka-7002

And especially no friggin crates or boxing.
Even though this was a give away price,
it was still worth protecting.
Hopefully the screws, glue and tape will hold up!

screwed and glued

Yeah there was a little padding and cardboard underneath the wood too!

Fortunately Steve only wanted the tuner,
which is kinda rare as its from 1971 or so.
The integrated amp is a great parts machine anyway.

ready to go

It's good to let something go into the hands of someone that will make it better.
But its better to not hear my wife complain about having a bunch of junk lying around the house!


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