07 March 2011

panga to the promised land

You hear or read the stories in the news.
20 or more illegals washing up a San Diego beach in Panga's,
basically mexican fishing boats.

I've always wanted one of these things,
the real ones though, not the $30K yacht version.
Down in Baja the fisherman take these things miles offshore,
but way underpowered  in comparison to the coyote boats.

typical fishing panga

You'd figure it would be kinda obvious,
if you're walking around Popotla,
one of the main exit points for the trip up,
to see a 60HP engine on a 25 foot panga,
or a 250HP boat on a 25 foot ponga,
to know something not quite right is going on!

250 HP panga hot rod

It's a great racket,
you figure the coyote hauls about 20+ people,
at about $3-5000 a pop.
No deals on moms with kids either.
That's about $60K-$100K a trip!
Throw in a bale or two of weed or blow,
and you're just sweetening the deal!

The boat itself is relatively cheap, they're no showboat,
but a newer big HP engine is gonna be a pricey donation,
since the chance of returning with the boat is probably 50%.

$100K gamble on a 3 penny nail

Most likely the engines were ripped off anyway,
but you'd figure they wouldn't risk $100K on a rusty nail!

Do you think these immigrants,
most likely not mexicans, 
but central americans from guatemala, el salvador or nicaragua,
have any idea of the boat ride they are about to embark on?

All these travellers have crazy stories,

El Norte


Sin Nombre...

(one of the craziest realistic movies ever)

or Machete

which I haven't actually seen, yet...

Anyway, where was I.

Oh yeah.

So you travel the thousands of miles north,
figuring to sneak over the mountainous desert,
only to be delivered to the Coronado Island(s) 10 miles offshore.
Waiting for another boat ride to America.
Haulin ass in the middle of the night,
to the promised land.

you knew I had to throw a grateful dead (cover) song in there somewhere!

Slow to start this one is,
but right when you think the songs over,
check out the 30 second solo from 4:50....

Thanks Chuck Berry!

this is the land of broken dreams.

ruined dreams

There are 4 pangas at this boatyard.
Makes me wonder how many trips these boats completed successfully,
and how many are out there still running.

Crazy times.


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