22 March 2011

bmw 1600 - seats

another sub-par post.
But here it is anyway.

My cousin Brandon dumped these Ford Mustang seats at the shop a while back.
They were full of electronic and air adjustments,
but not anymore.

the old seats were cooler,
but they were installed way too low,
would fill up with water when it rained,
and these are really comfortable.

So first was to modify the bottom for the old seats tracks.

bmw to mustang conversion

This was a PITA,
there is a 3/4" riser and a bunch of cutting & welding,
but they were parallel enough to slide together.


The BMW floor is not flat,
so I thought way to long about how to make some risers.
Than I remembered I'm only 145 lbs,
which is less than 40 lbs a corner.
As long as those right angle pieces don't pop through the floor,
it should be strong enough.

uh nice seats.

Yes they're ripped, they were free!
They slide fine,
and now I can move on.

The 40 is waiting!


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