17 March 2011

bmw 1600 - holey floor pans

I'd love to be able to show some pics of something cool.

Remember this pic of the Beemer floor?

holey floor pans

Probably not as I never posted it.
Anyway the floor had some ridiculously large holes,
patched with basically cover plates tacked in.

non-spec floor patches

Well I am happy to say the holes are almost gone.
Don't go looking for some concourse quality work here,
they are strong and have some anti-oil-can circles hammered in,
but that's about all.


It's amazing how thin the original sheetmetal is.
Lotsa fun to tig weld too.
It's actually been great practice, more for speed though.
So far each panel is one after-work night, about 2 hours,
and 3.5 feet of welding. each...
3 nights later!

camouflaged hole

Of course the little patches hide the worst problems.

quick and dirty

Just what I wanted to see.

holier chit

I tried to be sneaky and make a smaller hole,
but it was just too half-ass, easier to make a big one.

ok, that's it right?

At least the floor is done,
now to just get rid of that pink-red paint.

Real quick,
I've got to give props to the stool...

good ole stool

Ya know,
anyone can weld on a table,
with clean virgin metal...

Unfortunately this is just the start of the rust repair.
Did you see that subrail part on the underneath shot?
Ok look now.

subrail? who needs a subrail

That brown rusty thing with the holes in it.
That's the actual "frame" that extends to the front suspension,
basically a fragile shell of what it needs to be.
Fortunately only one side is this bad.
Maybe this weekend...

All this work for a car that will be a tough sell even at $2000!
Just let me rack up some miles on it...


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