03 April 2011

going the extra mile

Some of these boat jobs border on the ridiculous.
Sadly, many yachts and large work boats
were built with untested design ideas,
with no true idea of a working lifespan.

On top of that,
most systems are laid down while the boat is being built,
so problems are usually underneath floors or panels,
very difficult to get at.

This most recent one has been a test of patience,
and my brother actually pulled a couple wild cards to help finish the job.

So remember this picture of him?

Trevor in an open space

What do you think could be the MOST opposite of this picture.

I'll give you a clue.

holey chit

This is a hatch in the walkway of a yacht.
I had crawled in that little space there on the left,
definitely a tight squeeze.

Well my brother, Trevor,
going the extra mile to make the customer happy,
was able to crawl even further in that hole,
to install a couple hose "P" clamps.

"Puta Madre"

When you work with spanish speaking guys,
you learn alot of rich slang.
I wasn't able to fit in this little hole,
but if I was,
I'd be using alot of this.
"Puta Madre".

Remember to saturate your spanish with
"Buey" which sounds like "way" or "guey" (dude)
and "Si-mon" (yea, man).
You'll than sound like an authentic Baja Mexican.

hole in a hole

My brother is only a little shorter than I am,
but he's actually thicker.
I'm not sure how he fit in there.

Trevor in a tight space

good times, good times.


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