12 March 2011

home protection - mace

A thread on a hot rod forum I'm on reminded me of the good old days in Ventura.
I got in big trouble using this PVC pipe on a tweaker who broke into the shop.

macey and the pipe

I keep this at the house now,
right by the door.

When the police finally arrived,
they said I was lucky to not kill or seriously injure the guy.
(who had pulled out this massive 6" knife!)

vaquero grande

I told the cops if I wanted to really hurt the guy I wouldn't have picked a PVC pipe,
as this was hidden right outside...

spikey pipe

They didn't like that too much.

Oh well, that was a long time ago.
Still have the old club though.

(replica for show only)

I can't imagine every really using it though.
It's kind of a one shot deal.
Still good to have around.

Can you imagine living back in medieval times,
when this was a normal weapon?
Well I guess we do live in similar times,
when people in Africa are hacked up with machetes.

Good times, good times.


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