12 March 2011

BMW 1600 - frontend thrash

I'd love to show ya guys pics of a bunch of stuff getting done,
but these past couple weeks have been ass-kickers.
By the time I get to the shop,
I'm lucky to do an hour or 2 of brainless work,
which is perfect for that old BMW.


before - yikes

There's an old saying I live.

"When you pull all the big weeds,
you see all the little weeds."

I'll get to the shop and its hard to get started,
there's just so many things to start - engine bay, dash, rust patches etc.
The best way though, is just to start!
As each one will only get finished with time spent working,
so time wasted thinking where to start wastes time.

So one night just spent an hour or more with the die grinder and plastic wheel,
scrubbing all the black and (most of the) red paint out of the engine bay.
I had experimented  on the passenger side top part,
and realized I had to do the whole thing.

after - good enough!

Fortunately had some old black paint leftover from the CHIEF rebuild,
and a test spot looked good enough to paint the whole thing.
It's not a show car,
so if it looks good on a 640x480 picture,
that's good enough.

All fake rally race cars have tons of lights,
so this one will be no exception.

A bumper/lightbar would also be nice,
but the previous owner had cut off the actual mounting tabs.
Nothing's easy!

stool time - bumper tabs and lights

Dug out some old aluminum tube donated from one of my dad's dead friends,
and had a custom bumper.
RIP Nick! Thanks!
nickEatonEulogy.jpg 1373×969 pixels

bumper time

This car is a great way to clean up the shop.
I'm trying to not spend any money.
Which means using scrap metal, rubber,
 nuts, bolts, even wire from my stash.
It's a fun way to do this car.

love old signs

So in that vein,
used an old scratched up sign to cover the old heater hole in the firewall,
and philips head machine screws.

rally bmw 1600 / 2002

Unfortunately that means it may look like a rally car,
but it will be mostly stock running gear,
like those honda's with the giant muffler.

I need more lights.



  1. Nice! I was wondering when you were going to clean up the engine area.


  2. Before & after --a big difference. And where the heck do you get all those old signs? Wait... maybe I don't want to know.

  3. I was dreading doing the work,
    but it sure is nice to see it clean.

    What are you trying to say AJ!?