26 February 2011


Yesterday went to the Big 3 Parts Exchange just before dark,
which was probably a good thing.

When my wife and I go shopping,
we have an "imaginary dollars" game.
Figuring how much money we could have spent if we had the money or space.

Well yesterday I could have easily spent $5280.

$5 G's of goodness

These have always been out of my reach.
Well they're out of my reach cause I don't want to sell the good stuff I've got anyway.
But this thing made me consider it. Briefly.
Although I am considering it now that I'm typing this.

1950 mercury

Most of the parts were inside, the fenders, window trim and stuff.
This would be a fun car to build.
I'd piss people off and set it on our '90 lincoln towncar frame though!
(without all the electrics though)
Oh man that would rule...

A couple years ago I would have jumped on this too.

$280 of time sucking work

I can't believe this was going for only $280.
The left door was toast though,
and it wasn't just seasoned surface rust like tres huevos.
If I didn't have 3 other project bodies lying around it would be mine.

There was a bunch of parts,
but I'm so loaded with parts that it was good just to know the asking prices of stuff I have!
I spent a total of $0 real dollars
but $5280 imaginary dollars.

Last night it rained so hard that the parking lot flooded,
and the swap meet was cancelled!
Now, guy with the '50 merc, go home and stash that body away,
I'll start flipping stuff!


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