17 May 2012

google maps

There is a big difference between building a car and let's say, gardening.
With gardening you throw some plants in the ground, a little watering and voila.
Things will grow even if you don't want them too,
like weeds.
At least it's green right?
Looks the same on google maps!

pedal restrictions

This car thing is a little different.
If you don't nurture it even a little,
nothing gets done.
It actually starts going backward,
as any momentum is sapped away.

holey chit

The key is the layering of the different projects.
The work itself is easy depending on the level of finish.
The hard part is the organization of each step.

crude but effective

There is a small section of floor left on the front part of the 40.
It seems so easy,
its just that the pedals weren't finished to figure out the clearance needed in the floor
in case they needed to be removed.
All along I had been planning on cutting or bending the pedals,
but all that was needed was a little chop chop.


After less than 2 hours of tinkering,
the pedals have the clearance they need to actually work.
There is still a little cut-n-pasting to be perfect,
after the linkages are mounted to see how much movement is really needed.
The important part is now this area of the floor can finally be wrapped up!


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