17 May 2012

creating a monster

Remember this thing?
the original chinagirl II

Well it's been a year so I if you don't here's a refresher...
 perich brothers (and sister): spring cleaning - bye bye beemer & chinagirl

The guy that got it, Mark,
was immediately hooked.

chinagirl 20

Throughout the past year,
he's brought his projects over and I'll fix up a custom exhaust with the scraps he finds.
I'm a little out of the loop,
so it's cool to see the progression of the aftermarket parts for these kits.

chinagirl 30 MP

Regardless of the trick machined pieces he's getting,
the custom exhausts are what really set them apart!
Cough Cough...

chinagirl 2.5 stock exhaust

Here's a pic of what the stock kit looks like...

Anyway Mark's going crazy with these motorized bikes,
as you can see by the website on his picture there.
It's great cause he's not afraid to spend a little money on powdercoating or trick parts,
which results in a clean sellable product.
I've got to remember that for my own stuff!

Custom Motorized Bikes

Good luck Mark and you better not buy a welder!


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