04 May 2012

tweener (v.3)

Unbelievably it's been 12 years since our first kid Jaxon's birth.
That realization seemed to put my days in perspective.

Now I know why I'm getting these grey hairs.

happy birthday jaxon!

For his birthday we decided to have a bonfire 
down at an area in San Diego called Shelter Island.
It's important to give the kids that surreal bonfire memory,
channeling that inner caveman.

shelter island fire pit

We were also able to get a bunch of family and friends down.
A rarity nowadays.
Maybe it's cause nobody wants to host the house cause of the cleanup.
One more reason for a bonfire.

raging bonfire

I may have gotten a little overzealous with the burn.
You know it's a good bonfire when everyone's standing 30 feet away.
The fire subsided and we had some tasty hot dogs and s'mores.
So good.

perich brothers, cousins and friends

Jaxon got the gift of burying his brother Jakob in the sand,
in his clothes around 9 pm.
Good times.

burly bonfire

As the night wrapped up,
it was either share the firewood with others,
or burn it.
You know it's a good bonfire when the tablecloths are melting.

fire extinguisher

Happy Birthday Jaxon!


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