09 May 2012


Made a quick trip to the TJ dentista yesterday.
tools of the trade

The last time I came down she had made the molds for the post inserts.
It was an interesting process.
Lotsa digging around grinding out a good hole,
than using some kind of silicone/resin/wax stuff to make a plug.
In a way it was crude but what more do you need to do.

cast tooth posts

They had just cast these up,
and she said it was important to get them in while the tooth had the same internal shape,
or worse yet crack.
There was a little fitting but the pieces clicked in perfectly.


The post material is some kind of gold and silver alloy.
This is an older technology now,
as US dentists are using some kind of plastic resin for the post.

You can see the post goes down to the root,
but now that the tooth is dead there is no feeling.
Even the work she did last time was with no painkiller.
Kinda crazy.

I wish this was it.
After the glue sets,
she has to grind the original teeth down for the crowns.
I'm not looking forward to that part.


After a cheap taxi drive back to the border,
I prepared for a long line
by treating myself to a dollar churro bag.
Ask for the warm ones if you go,
way tastier.

otay border crossing

There is no rhyme or reason with the border crossing.
I've been going at the similar time of day each time,
and it can be either packed or empty
This time the car line was backed up twice as long as the picture,
but the walk-through line clear.
Sometimes its the exact opposite.

otay border linea

I've been here when the line goes out past the gates to this point.
That's about an hour,
and the reason I bring a book sometimes!

california sunset

Anyway I was treated to a crazy sunset on the drive back.

Couple more trips!


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