11 May 2012

modelmania - move over kids!

Last weekend the kids were having so much fun doing their models,
I had to join them.

sunday model time

The night before they were up to almost midnight!

chopping a 40 ford cab

This model I've been working on for over a month.
If you look on the top picture,
I had barely completed the frame on the lower right corner.

1940 ford pickup chopped

After doing a rough chop,
and a patina'd rust paint job,
I cheesed out and put the rest of the model together
without an interior or engine.
Those parts could be used on another model.
The kids dug through their stash of wheels to replace the 80's centerlines.

1940 ford truck
1950 chevy truck

Meanwhile Jaxon completed his 1950 chevy truck.
He lowered it a bit with some real hot rod tricks.

Jaxon's 1950 chevy pickup

Meanwhile Jakob was putting his finishing touches on an airplane model.
It's cool he likes to spread out his interests.

Jakes mustang f-82-g

Yeah it was a relaxing sunday!


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