08 May 2012

day tripper

As a result of some spring cleaning,
I got to test out the old A-frame,
and venture across the san diego county line.


The old ford parts were the ticket to meeting the Kennedy Brothers,
and touring there compound.

chopping a 1936 ford 3-window coupe

Some amazing stuff goes on here.
Their standard of work is top notch,
and their level of hoarding is beyond mention.

blown cadillac

It was a bit overwhelming.
Years of collecting.

1933 or 1934 ford 3-window coupe

They are lucky as their contacts run deep into the Ford community.
This 33/34 coupe was picked up recently from an old timer.

chopped 30 ford coupe

This model A coupe body showed off their precision metal work.
Of course this didn't come cheap.
The guy could have bought a running hot rod and had money left over!

cool wood glass case

I was tempted to bring home this bitchin glass case.
Unfortunately I brought home a traffic ticket instead,
 for doing what was a California Stop
but ended up being reduced to a right turn violation.  21461(a)
The CHP had a heart as it would have been triple the fine.

Aw hell...


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