10 May 2012

sad times

This morning I read something that really tore me up.
A friend up north lost his son in a skateboard accident.
Nathan and Sam Strube

Every family's worst nightmare.
Worse than I could ever imagine.

In a strange coincidence,
my wife was playing this song,
one of her dad's favorites,
when I found out.

I haven't been sad in a long while,
and the song just kind of amplified the feeling.
It's lasted the whole day.

It's tough to put in words.
There's a time when your kids consider you sure a Dad,
but hopefully a friend as well.

To know that could be crushed in an instant,
that the risks of everyday life are just that,
life and death.

RIP Nathan Strube

Part of me wants to keep my kids in a box.
the only way is to love them even more while we're together.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the STRUBE family!

The Perich's

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