30 May 2012


While working on Hans' 50 chevy a couple months back,
I realized the lack of infrastructure at the old homestead
led to an extreme absence of organization.
blank canvas

Since then I've been trying to gear it up a bit more to the mechanical aspects of heavy tinkering.
Getting rid of junk, the swapmeet canopy,  bringing in the roll-away toolbox etc.

muscle brothers

The base of outside operations had been set up on that small wagon in the above pic,
or the ground,
like a caveman.
Time for an upgrade.


Using the scrap wood from the dismantled shop loft,
a proper workbench was whittled together.

There was enough wood used in this bench to make a respectable shack.
74 feet just in the 2x6 frame!
Hey I work on some heavy chit!


A little embarrassing how much time it took to make a simple rectangle.
Now that it's roughed in,
why did I wait so long?

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