17 May 2012

hurtlocker truck!

What's been going on with the old Hurtlocker Truck...

hurtlocker truck
1955 chevrolet pickup

Other than fiddling around with the doors and the new bear claw latches,
let's see.

camaro seats

Even overseas, Ken was able to dig up some 60's camaro seats.
I was surprised they fit so well.

camaro seat feet

It took some time to figure out how to secure them to the floor.
At first I considered stretching the seat feet to match the floor riser,
 and raising them a bit for the right angle.

seat bottom

Instead just rounded the corners a bit to clean them up.

seat risers

It would have been easier to weld all this together,
but wouldn't be fun to change later on.


What makes this picture amazing isn't the awesome seating position,
but that pile in the bottom right corner.

tool time

Those were the tools I used just to throw in the drivers seat!

tranny hump

There was also some work started on the removeable firewall.
Some modifications were needed cause of some parts changes.
The new headers dug in to the floor a bit more than planned.

tranny hump mod

With the tranny hump fit properly,
the base of the engine firewall was realigned to fit the top frame.

virgin steel

The floor corner was modified around the headers,
but the firewall piece was never made.
There was too much going on at the time.

corner piece tapped

The idea is for that firewall piece to be easily removeable.
Since the engine is setback to Corvette specs,
any work will be easier through the cab.

corner piece install

Bummer is the firewall piece was made to fit the original TPI injection.
It was nicknamed "the elephant man",
and was the single most ugly thing I've ever built.
As a firewall it didn't matter too much,
and installed it wasn't visible from the engine compartment.
Insulation or carpet and possibly a center console would cover it inside.

the elephant man

Let's make that picture really small.

The new carb and aircleaner set higher and almost exactly a c-hair past the firewall line.
Together with the new MSD distributor (swapped for the build) many changes are needed.


The new bolt ring is almost complete.
Fortunately the base frame was already done,
so its just matching the pieces to fit.


Now the passenger seat could be bolted down.
Here's why the need for so many tools.
Glad I have more than 6 vice grips!


I guess I should have used black paint!
The installed seats really bring the truck back to what it is,
a driveable truck.

Back to work!


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