14 May 2012

mind of its own

Today I drove the 40 to the shop,
and didn't make it.
stuck at bum corner

This was the first time driving it in a long while,
maybe a month or more.
It seemed to run great,
than conked out about half a mile from the shop.
Of course there were no tools in the car.
Two gas cans but no tools.

ford power

The fuel pump (electric) had taken a shit.
I tried to do a quick rewire,
but it didn't want to work.

stubborn 1940 ford coupe

I tried to do a flat-tow,
but it didn't like that at all.
We got to the closest normal parking space,
and I let it sulk there for the rest of the day.
Stubborn car.


After work we had a family affair getting the car home.
I rigged up a bypass fuel pump/gas can setup.
Of course than the original pump decided to work,
so me and Jaxon rushed home before the pump burned out.

40 coupe doghouse


Ida Maria - 2007 - going to hell


Over dinner I told my wife that I jinxed the old coupe.
ford 5.0

Remember the 5.0 from our old Lincoln Town car?
Well I've had this idea of fitting it into the 40.

ford AOD transmission

I'd even do the automatic AOD transmission.
Yeah that's a sure sign of (my) age...
Hey I just want an easy to drive freeway car!
With cheap parts available at any local car parts store!

8 inch ford rear end

I've even gotten as far as getting an 8 inch rearend from a 60's mustang,
which happens to fit these 16" rims from a 49 or 50 ford.

speedway disc brake kit

Since the 8" has the later 5x4.5" ford lug pattern,
I even splurged and got a matching disc brake kit.
Holy Chit...

Obviously I've been doing this on the hush hush,
until I knew it was the right decision.
This is where I screwed up.
Since the coupe is a 90% traditional flathead hot rod,
I actually considered putting it on the market,
before I street rodded it.
maybe someone with money would want to restore it.

well somehow it found out,
and I'm sure that's why it got stuck.
That's what these old cars do!


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